The Elvis Presley Famous ‘Russian Tsar Ring’

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The Elvis Presley Famous ‘Russian Tsar Ring’


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Elvis wearing his Russian Tsar Ring

Russian Tsar Ring

There is an amazing little story attached to this ring, in short it belonged to Elvis’s father Vernon and Elvis liked to borrow it, during a concert at the Houston Astrodome he asked to wear it again, Elvis was not said to be himself that evening and when a fan Mr Milham, asked for the ring Elvis gave it to him, which in turn upset his father very much. the ring eventually resurfaced at Christies Auction in 2003 but did not fetch its reserve of $70,0000 but Mr Milham sold it privately to a huge Elvis collector on 19th March 2004 it was backed up with Affidavits and was in its original state, it had been kept in a vault in a bank for all those years.

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