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Elvis Presley – Tigers Eye Ring


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Elvis Presley Tiger-Eye – 18k Gold Plated

Elvis wore this ring and later gave it to his bodyguard Red West.

Specifications :
Material: 18 karat Gold Plated.
Stone: Tigers Eye

….Red West and Elvis….

In 1955, Red was the driver for Elvis and band members Scotty Moore,
Bill Black, and later D.J. Fontana when they toured the U.S. South
performing live concerts as the “Blue Moon Boys.”

In 1960, following Elvis’s discharge from the United States Army, Red went to work
for the singer as a bodyguard and became known as one of the media-dubbed
Memphis Mafia.

In addition, Red was a talented songwriter who wrote songs that not only Elvis
Presley recorded but also were recorded by teen idols Ricky Nelson, Pat Boone and
Johnny Rivers.


In concert Elvis wore lavish diamond cross pendants hung on heavy
gold chains; huge rings of rubies, sapphires and emeralds; gold
bracelets and belts completely covered in jewels.

By the 70’s, as a regular performer in Las Vegas, Elvis was
literally ‘dripping in jewels’, his onstage persona at once bizarre
and magnificent, a powerful ‘vision of a man’ exuding a rare kind
of elegance, be-jewelled as he was from head to toe.

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